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Festival "Les Chaises Musicales"

During three days, musicians of great talent occur at the heart of the rural world, on lawns and in the churches of small villages of Vienne.

The musicians make appreciate the correspondences between the classic said music and the musics of the world in a local public of any ages and any sensibilities.

Thanks to a modèré price, this festival allows the largest number to assist in of prestigious concerts (Michel Portal in 2009 and 2012, Jean-François Zygel in 2010, Natalie Dessay and Karine Deshayes in 2011, baroque music with the group "Les Surprises" and the famous flutist Alexis Kosenko in 2013) making so accessible an elitist renowned music.

Aims to be attentive to the needs of handicapped persons and makes efforts to ensure accessibility to concert venues.  

The festival organisers make certain that concert venues are cleared and left in a tidy condition.  The festival’s success is especially due to the support of its members (more than 230) and to the commitment of volunteers.  It aims to allow opportunities for informal contact between artists and audiences at the end of each concert. 

Every year it promotes its region, the natural and architectural heritage of its villages and welcomes talented musicians from all over the world.


The Quatuor Ebène includes


Raphaël Merlin – Cello and Artistic Director

Pierre Colombert – 1st Violin

Mathieu Herzog – Viola (alto) < 2014

 Adrien Boisseau – Viola (alto) > 2014

Gabriel Le Magadure – 2nd Violin