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Raphaël MERLIN : art director of the festival "Les Chaises Musicales"

Raphaël Merlin, Art Director of the festival “Les Chaises Musicales.” 


Born in 1982, he began his musical career at the CNR at Clermont-Ferrand where he studied cello, chamber music, composition and for six years, jazz.  Fascinated by the similarities between the most opposite styles of music, he very soon diversifies his musical activities. 


In 1997 he joins the CNR of Boulogne-Billancourt and then in 2001 he receives the 1st prize in Phillipe Muller’s class at the CNSD of PARIS, which he leaves in 2005.  Chamber music plays a central part in his activities, in particular, since his joining Quatuor Ebène where he pursues a leading international career, for example, in Wigmore Hall, London, Carnegie Hall, New York, the Theâtre du Châtelet,  Champs Elysées in Paris, the Philharmonic Societies in Berlin and Cologne   and Musikverein in Vienna. 


Raphaël also performs as a soloist with the Orchestra of the Academy of Tchaikovsky in Moscow and the Orchestras of Massy, Paris Sorbonne and Sostenuto in Auvergne.  At present he is also involved in composing various works.  His cello originally belonged to Andrea Guarneri (Espagnolette – 1680) loaned by Forberg – Schneider Stiftung.